Amazon S3 vs. Windows Azure: Who Wins the Title of the Best Cloud Storage Service for YOUR Business?

Have you been considering cloud storage lately? What does cloud storage mean for your business? You’ve more than likely heard of the cloud – it’s the biggest buzzword in the world of technology! Cloud storage enables you to store and access resources, including applications and data, over the Internet.

So where do you find cloud storage? Two of the most popular services include Amazon S3 and Windows Azure. While both services claim to store more than 1 trillion objects and handle over 500,000 requests per second, what’s the best service to invest your hard-earned money in?

Amazon S3 vs. Windows Azure: Who Wins in the Battle of the Best Cloud Storage Service?

When it comes to cloud storage services, it all comes down to flexibility: What cloud storage service offers the flexibility to meet the unique needs of various businesses? We believe Windows Azure takes the first place! Why? Here’s a few reasons:

  • Commitment to privacy: Windows Azure’s privacy policy entirely prohibits the use and sharing of confidential customer data for advertising and operational auditing purposes to ensure data security.
  • Advanced hybrid capability: Windows Azure’s hybrid cloud leverages on-premise resources and the public cloud to offer the ability to easily move workloads between your datacenter, service providers & Azure.
  • Trusted security safeguards: Windows Azure is safeguarded with trusted layers of security measures. Microsoft has experience running a multitude of online services and specializes in digital crime, security response, and malware protection.

Plus, Windows Azure offers many benefits to businesses like yours! In fact, you’re able to benefit from:

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing that gives you the ability to pay only for the services you’re using without worry about the high cost of purchasing hardware and infrastructure.
  • On-demand compute and storage allows you to host, scale, and manage applications while scaling up or down in terms of capacity whenever necessary.
  • A quick deployment time enables you to deploy applications with the click of a button and changes can easily be made with minimal disruption.

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