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How Microsoft Teams Intends to Face Off Against Slack

While Slack has established itself as the premier collaborative software app, Microsoft’s new release of its Teams product aims to best its startup competition through integration with its Office 365 suite of products. Collaboration software app Slack has taken the business world by storm over the past several years, offering features that can dramatically streamline […]

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Wisdom Wednesday: Master Snapchat In Your Business

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are no longer enough. Get an edge over your competition by mastering Snapchat now! Since all but taking over online communication, social media has become a viable business tool as well. Social media is easy and affordable to use, and it allows access to […]

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Which Office 365 Package Is Right For Your Company?

Microsoft Office 365 can boost your firm’s productivity and expand its sales, but make sure you know which plan you want before you purchase The most successful ventures are those that create value for customers, and by this standard, Microsoft Office is a roaring success. The Office 365 system helps businesses cut waste and expand […]

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Flashback Friday: Remember Netscape Navigator?

Do you remember the very first Netscape Navigator web browser? It made the internet accessible to everyone. Most of us elder citizens of the web recall the first consumer friendly and freely available browser called Netscape Navigator. Internet users today, could not imagine a time when there was no extensive connectivity, but it was during […]

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Wisdom Wednesday: The Hidden Costs Of Malware

Ransomware is malware that either freezes your computer or locks it so you cannot access data and programs that your company normally uses. The criminal that is holding your system hostage, demands a ransom that is usually paid in Bitcoin. Imagine opening your business one morning, turning your computer on and reading a message that […]

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Why G Suite Users Should Use Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search is the newest search tool for business customers using the G Suite offered by Google. Google Cloud Search has many advantages that increase productivity at large companies with many users having different levels of access for its employees.   Users of Google’s G Suite, a productivity suite that is cloud based and […]

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