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Do You Love Your IT Staff?

“Share the Love”— With Your IT Staff Your IT department is crucial part of your business, but, sometimes tech experts don’t get the appreciation they deserve.   How would your business survive if your technology suddenly stopped working? If this doesn’t concern you it should. It takes a lot of skill and dedication to keep your …

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Want to Lower Your Labor Costs?

Are you looking for new ways to cut your business expenses? Have you thought about how using AI to lower your labor costs? Maybe you should.   In today’s economy, business owners need to find new ways to cut their expenses. Labor costs account for a growing percentage of the ongoing monthly expenses for many …

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Can Your Business Back Online Quickly After a Natural Disaster?  

The best way to protect your business from a natural disaster is with a Business-Continuity Plan. However, what steps should you take if you don’t have one in place? These tips and practical resources will help get your business back online after natural disasters, such as hurricanes. Natural disasters can have a devastating effect on …

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Did You Know That Everyday Hackers Are a Huge Threat to Your Business?

Everyday hackers are among the most pressing threat your business faces today. Are your protections in place? The current cybersecurity situation plaguing businesses worldwide is a lot more dangerous than we previously realized.  Since 2013, an incredible nine billion data records were lost or stolen due to breaches. To make matters worse, only 4% of …

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Do You Negotiate with Your IT Provider?

Optimize your IT infrastructure with the right IT contract.  Find out what should be included, and who you can trust. When it comes to IT services and support, it can be difficult to know when you’re receiving the best possible deal, or when you are being “taken to the cleaners.” While there are always ways …

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More Info On The Equifax Security Breach

Equifax Security Breach of 143 Million Private Records Rocks Consumer Confidence and Injures Corporate Image You would expect that a company – like Equifax – that is entrusted with vital information and tracking information of peoples purchase history would have iron-clad cybersecurity to protect its data. Apparently not. On September 7, 2017, Equifax came out …

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“HiTechnique has shared in Spokane Symphony’s vision and delivered the state-of-the-art network at The Fox Theater. From network design to implementation, all projects have been delivered on time and within budget. As our technology partner, HiTechnique fulfills all of our IT needs and continues to contribute to our success.”

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