Does Your Antivirus Protection Cover All The Bases?

When people think of antivirus protection, the area that comes to mind is the desktop workstation. The thinking is that if an attack is caught here, then everything is good. The only problem with this is that people access company information from more than their desktop workstation. So more areas need to be covered by antivirus protection.


Which areas should be covered?


Employees are increasingly accessing the networks through their personal devices. They can catch up on their emails via their smartphone, check on schedules through their tablets, and get work done on their laptop during the weekend. All of these are point of entries into the business. As such, these should be scanned for viruses and malware on a regular basis. One innocent seeming download on a smartphone can create havoc for the company network.


While antivirus protection on workstations and mobile devices is a necessity, it is also important to have some type of antivirus protection on the server. If any attack gets past the initial device, then the server itself could be crippled. Additionally, some servers, such as popular ones, are prone to attacks and therefore more vulnerable. Any virus or malware that makes it to the server, from any point of entry, can infect every device connected to the server. This can be devastating for a business. Sensitive information can be leaked.

Protect Your Business

Any device that has access to company information should be protected. Every device that connects to the server is an access point for a virus or malware attack. The server itself should be protected as well. Not only because the information could be obtained from the server, but also because the server has access to every device that connects to it. Your endpoints are secured by the filtering of Malware, AV & URL at the border; ensuring your systems and servers stay protected. We don’t just work by a break/fix method – we ensure any threats are prevented before you ever have to experience downtime.

HiTechnique goes above and beyond for the security of our clients. We recommend the use of our SMARTmail service for email security; this service filters your emails by scanning and cleansing spam and viruses before they ever reach your inbox or servers. SMARTmail, powered by award-winning technology, employs sophisticated detection methods and continuous updates to prevent threats from infiltrating your systems before they even cross the threshold of your network.

So a virus or malware attack can spread from device to server or server to device. By protecting all of the machines that have company access or store company information, your business information will be protected on many levels.

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