Data Backup, Recovery And Business Continuity

Spokane Data Recovery

Fire, earthquake, theft – continuity planning is mandatory for your business. Your operations depend upon continuous access to business critical data and systems. Without a recovery plan you risk lost revenue and customer ire in the face of disaster.

HiTechnique will help you plan for disaster before it strikes-letting you recover as quickly as possible. Such peace of mind translates directly to the bottom line.  Our focus is more on your business avoiding a disaster versus what do if one occurs.  Disasters, either man-made or natural will eventually strike your business.  Our goal is to help you successful avoid them putting you out of business.

Plan for disaster

  • Have a disaster avoidance strategy in place
  • Create diaster plans and aid in consulting on your entire business continuity strategy
  • Ensure you can RECOVER when a disaster strikes
  • Create a data backup strategy with offsite locations and automatic backups
  • Prepare business continuity procedures including secondary locations and backup phone systems

Recover quickly

  • Avoid confusion with off-the-shelf procedures
  • Rely on redundant network, server, and phone capabilities
  • Ensure Business Continuity by virtualizing critical systems with backup systems on and offsite so you are back up and running in minutes – not hours or days

Book your consultation with your trusted IT advisor from HiTechnique today. We are your Spokane data backup, recovery and business continuity consulting team, ready to serve you.

Spokane IT Support


“The outsourced team at HiTechnique has provided the management, technical skills and help desk support to allow Garco’s information technology systems to become ‘best of class.’ Our day-to-day job site, home office computing and staff support needs are met quickly and we are quite comfortable with the network security and disaster recovery testing procedures we now have in place. Short of planned downtime for network updates and a power outage here and there, we are pleased to report we have experienced near zero downtime while our systems have been under HiTechnique’s 24/7 watch. Had we brought the same level of support and service in house, we estimate those annualized costs would be at least $50,000 more than what we now pay HiTechnique for their outsourced services. What’s more, we now have the expertise of the entire HiTechnique team versus a few in-house staff members to leverage in supporting our computer systems. Thanks for a job well done HiTechnique!!”

Jim Morrison, CFO Garco Construction, Inc.